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The Clique: Old book services, information and opportunities

The Clique, established in London in 1890 to provide information and help on buying and selling old, rare and out-of-print books in the U.K., has now virtually ceased trading following its sale of the booklisting website service in 2013.

Michael Cole, the owner of The Clique's trading name, has effectively retired and is using this website in his retirement solely for:

1. Supplying Booklist software : Booklist, costing just £22, is Britain's best-known home-grown book-cataloguing desktop and laptop software program for booksellers, private libraries and collectors.

2. Providing a UK bookseller helpline : If you need help operating Booklist or Bookcase software, Michael Cole may be able to assist on a free advice/help or paid consultancy basis.

3. Linking to : The website provides digital re-issues old, rare and unusual UK local history photographs, engravings and other types of images you are unlikely to come across elsewhere.

Coming soon: Opportunities to acquire and develop high-potential bookselling domain names. £300 - £1,000.